HK33 Estevan – A Preview

Coming up on May 25th, Hard Knocks Fighting is bringing you an all-amateur event at HK33 Estevan. Looking at the card, we see that there are a lot of great fights lined up that will feature plenty of fighters willing to put it all on the line and showcase their skills. There is also a women’s fight, which is the hottest thing going right now in MMA. Let’s have a look!

The main event at HK33 is a heavyweight title bout between Felix Jimenez and Aaron Downey. The title is vacant, so both of these guys are going to have to bring their A games. Both of these guys are willing to take the fight wherever it goes, but look for some heavy leather to be thrown when these two heavyweights clash.

Then there’s another heavyweight bout – this one between Steven Arens and Ryan Proulx. The building is going to shake when these two have at it. Both fighters have demonstrated a preference for knocking out their opponents, so expect fireworks.

Next up is a bantamweight fight between Madison Mejia and Matthew Fiddler. Fiddler’s good with the submissions, so Mejia may want to be careful in going to the ground with him.

Then we have a bout between Brad Lamy and Steven Tallon at featherweight. Tallon trains at Heltown Hybrid MMA and has been working on his kickboxing, so he may want to show that off a bit. Lamy is going to have to stay on his toes to get past his opponent.

We also have a rematch between Bob Macumber and Harold Brun. Their first fight ended in a no contest, so these guys undoubtedly want to find out who really is the better fighter here. Both guys have shown some aptitude on the ground, so that may be where the fight takes place.

There is also a lightweight matchup between Jordy Correia and Nic Grandbois. Both fighters have the skill to take the fight wherever it goes, but Grandbois has some good subs in his pocket so look for Correia to stay alert and play the game he wants to play.

Then we also have our female bout at 130 lbs. between breakout fighter Victoria “The Vixen” Chadwick and Lynnell House. Both of these women have shown that they have the cardio to go the distance and an ability to adapt and overcome, so no matter what happens it’s going to be exciting.

Then there’s Ben Oliviero versus Landon Powell at featherweight. Oliviero has some wicked kicks and an edge in experience, but Powell is pretty durable and knows he can go the distance if he has to, so really this fight could go either way.

Finally, there is a matchup between Andy Jack and Ren Bessara. Both of these fighters have some real ground skills, so this one could be a straight up chess match on the ground. Look for some good transitions and some real close calls before someone sinks in a submission.

These aren’t the only fights on the card by any stretch; it’s just a taste of what’s to come. Don’t forget to keep checking the HK33 event page for updates! See you May 25th!

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