Interview with “The Strangler”, Ryan Machan


Ryan Machan is a familiar face here at Hard Knocks Fighting, and within Canadian MMA circles. He is on a 3 fight win streak, and is headlining the Welterweight Main Event at HK30 at Century Casino in Calgary February 8th. He is facing Michael Madrid, a well rounded fighter coming out of Wand Fight Team in Las Vegas. Madrid might prove to be Machan’s toughest challenge yet, and we will see on fight night how it all boils down.

HK: So Ryan, where do you train out of officially now? Is it Arashi-Do or Pure Fitness MMA? Have you been travelling or training remotely anywhere lately?

Machan: My main gym is Arashi-do Red Deer, I also train at Champions Creed in Calgary, and Hayabusa in St. Albert.

HK: Some websites list a nickname for you, and some don’t. Did you drop the nickname “The Sylvan Lake Strangler” or is that still active? Did you come up with that yourself? Or did someone give it to you?

Machan: I was given the nick name The Sylvan Lake Strangler after I won 5 fights in a row all rear naked choke.

HK: What has been your training focus lately? Have you been trying to improve any one aspect of your game? Or have you changed anything for your next opponent, Michael Madrid?

Machan: I train pretty much the same for all of my opponents. I’m really working on my submission wrestling.

HK: I have been looking at some of your previous opponents. Michael Madrid seems to me to be your toughest fight yet. He is coming out of a great camp in Wand Fight Team, and has a well rounded game. Do you agree? Why or Why not?

Machan: Its very hard to say its going to be the toughest fight to date. you never know what can happen in the cage. But I’ve fought guys like Jordan Mein, Kajan Jonhson, Guillaume Delorenzi, and Gavin Neil just to name a few, so I’ve been in the cage with some of the best fighters in Canada. I guess long story short, ask me again Feb 9th :)

HK: For your fights at 170 lbs, how hard do you have to work to cut weight? You’ve competed at lighter weights in the past, so competing at 170 should make you feel healthier and more comfortable does it not?

Machan: I walk around at 188. im to small for 185 and the cut to 170 isn’t to bad. I feel the best at 170, health and fitness.

HK: Your brother is also an MMA fighter. Did you guys scrap it out a lot as kids/teens? If so: Do you duke it out still today?

Machan: My brother is one of the guys I’ve had in my corner for every fight. we train together daily. I can always count on him. We dont duke it out at all. Training is always great.

HK: Why did you get started in Martial Arts or MMA? What or who was your inspiration?

Machan: My dad started me off in boxing and I just upgrade from there. My dad has always been my inspiration to be my best.

HK: What’s the first thing you do the night after a fight? Do you go out & party? Eat fatty foods? Or do you sleep?

Machan: Shower, nothing feels better then a hot shower after the fight.

HK: Have you ever travelled out of town or out of the country to go train somewhere special?

Machan: I’ve trained in Vegas a couple times. At Couture’s and at Drysdale gym, its a great experience.

HK: HK30 has a number of amateur fighters on the card, for whom this is their first MMA fight. Thinking back on your debut, what advice or words of wisdom do you have for the guys entering the cage for the first time and starting their MMA career?

Machan: Just enjoy the ride.

HK: Finally, do you have a message for Michael Madrid before your upcoming fight on February 8th?

Machan: Nah, lets just scrap.

That concludes the interview, and I’d like to thank Ryan for taking time out of his busy schedule to answer my questions. Come out February 8th to Century Casino in Calgary to support Ryan and the other fighters on thier quest for victory. Later this week I will be posting interviews with both Zach Snyder and Randy Chung about their upcoming Amateur Featherweight Title fight against eachother at HK30 at the same venue.

Shane @ Hard Knocks Fighting

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