5 MMA Fighters that never should have fought

When watching an MMA fight you expect to see fighters that constantly work on improving their skills and maintain a certain standard, and although MMA at the beginning didn’t really rise to the nowadays standards, we could always tell the difference between the top fighters and “the rest”. But fighters always perfecting their ground game and constantly working on improving and diversifying their fighting skills are going to be completely left out now. We welcome to the thread NOT dedicated to the legends of the MMA sport, but quite the opposite. Street fighter, felon or boxing and wrestling champion, if you made it to this list you probably should have never entered the cage.

5. JOE SON – “The Infamous in Thongs”

Joe Son is a former actor, MMA fighter seen in UFC and PRIDE, and now a convicted felon serving life in prison in California. Son put up a real show in his PRIDE fight against Yusuke Imamura, when he showed up in leopard thongs and makeup. He was submitted after only 30 sec, and none of the other of his MMA matches were of a bigger success, he was submitted every time in under 3 min. In spite of his occasional extravagant appearance and the fact that he lost all 4 matches he ever fought in his MMA career, Son will not be remembered only by his bad record and weird fashion. This notorious figure managed to add murder of his prison cellmate to his tab of crime, alongside with sexual assault and torture.

4. Art Jimmerson – “Cinderella boxer”

Behoooold of the mighty glove! Art Jimmerson is the perfect example of “one and done” in MMA. This retired boxer competed in multiple boxing categories and won 33 matches, however the first time he entered the octagon he did it in most peculiar way – wearing a single boxing glove! Keeping a glove on his heavy right he planned to box his way through with one and I guess use his left hand for grips (whaaa?). But that didn’t really get him far because his opponent Royce Gracie submitted him after only 2 min into the match. And Jimmerson’s crazy idea didn’t get him much further in his entire MMA career – it ended right there! This was his only MMA fight and pretty soon Cinderella found the other glove and put it back on, returning to the boxing ring.


Most martial arts fans know Akebono Tarō as an impressive sumo wrestler, the first non-Japanese fighter to win the title of Yokozuna. After making his success in sumo wrestling, Akebono For a long time the tallest and heaviest sumo wrestler Akebono decided to try his luck in kickboxing and MMA. He made some impressive performances there as well, not in a good way… This super heavyweight fighter had won only 1 out of 10 kickboxing matches, and his MMA excursion was of an even shorter breath. Out of four matches he had in his professional MMA career between 2004-2006, he managed to lose them all. Seeing that his outstanding figure (466 lbs) and wrestling skills cannot really par with real MMA pros, made Akebono make the smartest move of his career – go back to wrestling.

2. TRAVIS WOLFORD – “Brown Bomber”

To all of you who haven’t seen Ruckus in the cage Wolford vs. Cooper fight – YOU MISSED A LOOT! Cooper beat the sh’’ out of Wolford. Literally. If you were not among those 13 million YouTube viewers who got to see the close-up of Wolford pooping his pants in the ring well, feel free to educate yourself. Blame it on the chilies, he said. Good thing for Wolford though is that he didn’t take this embarrassing moment to hearth. He even made more than a few jokes saying that he’ll try to use the new technique called Doo Doo Plata in his upcoming matches (ugh yikes!). So in spite of losing this fight and two more that came after, making his pro score 0-3, there’s still a good reason for his future opponents to be scared of him.


1. KENNETH ALLEN – “Highly experienced in losing”

Kenneth Allen made it to the top of our list with an impressive score of 1-38. While Allen makes a well known street fighter, his professional MMA fights seem to be just another loss added to his record. The only victory he ever had was in 2006 against Cory Simpson. If you find yourself asking how does he keep on fighting with only one single win behind him – here is your answer. Allen often fills in for fighters that pull out of a matches for various reasons, taking on more experienced opponents. Or should we say more experienced in winning. For a moment there it looked like he put his MMA career at rest but I guess we’re yet to see what this Chicago welterweight fighter’s final MMA pro score will be. After almost 2-year break he fought against Aaron Mitchell in March this year. Wanna guess the outcome? Yep, this one was number 38…

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