Day in the Life – Jesse Arnett S01-E03

– I can’t complain man. I have every opportunity to go wherever I wanna go with this. Every opportunity, there’s no excuses, there’s no reason. I can’t say I missed practice. I can’t say I didn’t get the work in. I can’t say that I didn’t have people around me that weren’t, that didn’t have the same thought process as I have, ya know? I just gotta believe in myself as much as everyone around me believes in me.

– [Voiceover] Fighter: Noun. A person with the will, courage, determination, ability and disposition to fight. Struggle, resist, seems simple enough. But the people behind the noun are rarely that transparent. They overcome the misconceptions of the title every day. Behind the fighter, the stories and life experiences that make them who they are. Behind the fighter, a person who redefines themselves every day using the qualities and traits that make them successful martial artists. A fighter tackles life’s every day challenges with the same will and determination that allows them to step in the cage with an opponent bent on stopping them. Fighter: Noun. Fighters don’t need definition. They define.

– You gotta chug a lot of water. So, I run one or two of these a day usually, depending with my shakes and all that. But it’s very important in the morning to get it down first thing. Make you feel a little sick even or bloated sculling water all day but, it’s very important because I’m gonna be losing a lot of weight throughout the day. I’m just in a position now where I’ve got sponsors and stuff for a lot of this stuff because it does get expensive. This is a great multivitamin that I take with my breakfast with my water. Glucomine. Multivitamins. Dandelion root. Bone builder. Vitamin B2. I never used to do this. But all the top guys are taking vitamins. Now my favorite part of the morning I actually look forward to when I wake up. I can have coffee, Mom makes me coffee every morning. I’d say it’s my last real true crutch. I will have some of these before practice and I will even catch one on the way down to the venue before I beat the guy up. I don’t know why I like coffee. I’m just gonna make a little quick food here. Nothing big. Hey Micheala, do you think you could give me the, the flex, that one we do, the pineapple and, pineapple shake?

– Sure.

– Thank you or the pineapple–

– Jesse’s my boyfriend. There is no typical days with Jess. They’re all different. His schedule is in the gym 24/7 though and that’s awesome. The first time I ever met Jess. Red gym pants, him and Cody gettin’ off the mat, or off the elevator playin’ around and horsin’ around the way that they always do. The two of them just being brothers. I was just struck, just I had to meet this boy right away.

– I just cook like a caveman because I can. Before, I wasn’t like, I’m big, big for the week. I wasn’t eatin’ enough during the day. I’m like walkin’ around too small, like I’d go to bed at 155, like stuffin’ myself. I’ll wake up at 148, 147. My metabolism drink was just like flying for some reason. And it takes a while to get to this point though, like if I don’t train and eat all the time, I’ll gain lots of weight. When I’m training all day, I have to eat. I am the regional guy right now. I wanna be a world champion, I know this and like, TJ, what does TJ have that I don’t have? He did NCAA Division one wrestling. He’s lined up with a good, good striking coach and the wrestlers, they just train em and believe in themselves. He has, he has no more talent than I do. He’s great, phenomenal fighter and in an excellent position. He’s the best in the world, right? But I can have that too if I put my mind to it. Basically, I’m just gonna eat this and then get myself ready for the first workout. We’re gonna be going down to World Health. I’ve built a great relationship with the staff and the executives down there. They’ve actually been to a few of my fights. Real warm today. Just fought August 15th in town here and I took on UFC veteran, Roland Delorme. It’s definitely my biggest fight to date. I performed really well, I went out there and I finished him in the second round. I beat him up worse than he’s ever been beaten in the UFC for sure. I know that the abilities I have and what I can do at 135 pounds for sure, but that just put a statement on it in my eyes and it also made me know and realize what I’m capable of. Yeah, this club is very, very, very, very nice. Well, we’re here and we’re gonna do work. I have to do work. They’re really good to me here. Like I’ll bring five, six people here on weigh-in days and they’ll just let us come in. Yeah, but they’re all cool with me here. Quick little warm-up here before the spin bike. I’m a bigtime runner, right? And I had a little issue with something on my body, so I couldn’t run for like a year. So, I started doing these spin classes and I just borrow a 30 minute, 45 minute routine from the lady that I learned and this is gonna end up taking my cardio to the next level too. The other things are fun, right? Like it’s fun hitting pads, it’s fun rolling around jiu jitsu, it’s fun sparring. Putting the road work in, it’s boring. Ya know, who wants to run for 45 minutes? So, this enables me to get down to 135 pounds for sure by coming here twice, three times a day. I’m not cutting weight, by any means. I got a beautiful sweat going and I go and rehydrate after, but if I didn’t come in here day to day, the chances of me, my body shutting down when I got to 140 would be very, very, very good. The last five pounds, I have to earn them. I have to work really hard and I have to eat healthy, but look at this, I got a nice beautiful sweat. I’ll lose about anywhere from seven to 10 pounds an hour. So yeah, I’m looking at eight liters of water a day between my shakes, ya know? This is a championship sweat right now. Then we roll into Souk Khampasath. Ya know, he had a lot of height behind him coming in. And then, I think about 20 seconds, 25 seconds into our bout, he catches me with the hardest punch I’ve ever been hit with in a fight, that overhand that I didn’t see. He pretty much just closed his eyes, bit down on his mouth guard as hard as he could and threw it. He didn’t mean to land it. So then now, all of a sudden, I got this good ground bout on my back for three and a half, almost four minutes, like it was a long, long time and at the time, I wasn’t doing the defense right. A lot of it was still heart and will and he had me bellied out. It was a really entertaining bout. I ended up getting back control and kicking him off of me with 30 seconds left and a huge flurry of strikes, flying knees. I don’t even remember kicks, punches. He was done at the end of the first round. The problem is, the bell saved him and then we went into the second round and I just looked over and I saw him. He was tired, he was breathin’ heavy and our elevation here, it’s tough. And I was just gettin’ warmed up. It takes me two, three, four rounds sometimes in training to get the best Jesse Arnett for sure, 100%. So then I was able to get him to the mat and just pummel him and put him away pretty, it was pretty nasty. He had a lot of cuts on his head and I ended up trapping him and side mount putting him out with hammer fists. The main boss just showed up right now. Ol’ Dustin, my brother. And Cody. D, what up?

– How’s it goin’? Finishin’ up work.

– [Voiceover] What’s up bro?

– We had it tough, it wasn’t easy growin’ up and my brothers, I’m so super proud of Dustin, like he’s like a man’s man. He just works his butt off. Cody too, he’s always, they’re workin’ full-time, ya know? And I’m so lucky I get to do this. Like this is work too but it’s a little different. I really, really, really love this. It’s very, very hard to really, really love mowing lawns or really, really love stocking shelves, right? But they manage to keep a good attitude through it and push on and they’re great.

– Week off work, so I figured I’d help the crew.

– I improved tenfold from Souk, which was January 30th to Vince, which was March, March 20th, I think. I improved vastly ’cause Vince Murdock was a good striker, very elusive, very hard to get ahold of, plus he wrestles with these alpha male guys every day. He sees the looks from Chad Mandes, Lance Palmer, T.J. Dillashaw, all these guys. So, what I was gonna bring to the table, he sees every day in the room. So, this fight ended up being a stand-up battle, which was, which was best for me at the time ’cause it grew, it helps me grow as a fighter. I used my jab really significantly in that fight probably for the first time in all of my bouts. I really went in there and I established my jab and I used my range and then I ended up, ended up breakin’ my arm even three minutes into the first round. Snapped it, I felt it as well. I ended up fighting him for five and a half more minutes with my arm completely broken while using it to the body. He was very tough, got him down finally at the end, broke him, sunk in the rear naked choke with the other arm. I only finished it with the other arm maybe that week at practice, like it was a very weird situation, but I just landed in it and what happened in practice happened exactly the way it went down in the fight. Well, here we are at Built 360. About to get some pads and some footwork in and drills, who knows what Jake’s got going today. Definitely some challenging stuff for the brain. Darn door. Eh, it’ll be okay. Master Dab actually showed me this, Thai way of doing it. If you’re hitting hard and you got heavy hands, you gotta do this, you gotta put some cushion. So, I wrap it up. This took me two, three years to do and now, there. And now you loop it back over this way. Now I’m creating a knuckle for myself. And if you’re hitting hard daily, you gotta wrap your hands properly man. So, is the mat’s dry yet? Almost eh? Ya know, I missed the Olympics, close. I was in second and third at nationals many times. I’ve got big win, I beat a world champion and I beat Travis Lee, the NCAA. I got huge wins but the bottom line is, I always come up a little short, an inch short, so I wanna face this head on. Let’s see, let’s see if, let’s see, let’s see if I can do this one, I know I can, ya know? There he is. How ya doin’ brotha?

– My name’s Jake Peacock. I’m 22-years-old. I fought in Japan, Tokyo for the world title. North American champion in kyoshi and karate two times, fought around the world and I’m now Jesse’s striking coach for his MMA career. Okay, the first time I met Jesse was at an old gym of ours. He was coming in to do some sparring. Funny, the first time we met, we were actually kicking each other in the head or I was kicking him, he was trying to wrestle me. But yeah, great guy, straight away, I knew there was something about him. He was serious about what he did. He was confident in himself, he was out there and willing to learn and yeah, so I think I liked that character in him. I got to see his character straight away and he’s been the same ever since. I’d say we’re good friends, definitely. He’s been there for me quite a bit. He’s helped me out a lot. I try and help him out when I can, ya know? I love his family, they’re great people. Spend some time before the fight at the house, ya know, I stay over the night of the fight. The night of the weigh-in’s, I’m there. So I’ve spent quite a bit of time around his family and we’ve done a few things, gone out for lunch and stuff, we just hang out. We just chill sometimes. Come here, three, two. There’s some very hardworking guys out there, but for me to see, like face to face, I’ve never seen a harder working athlete than him. I can’t speak for other people. I can’t speak for NBA players. I can’t speak on behalf of football players, ya know? I can speak of who I’ve seen and Jesse’s the hardest working athlete I have seen. He’s determined, he wants to learn, ya know? Sometimes he’s too much of a perfectionist, ya know? But he’s a very professional athlete and I admire that about him.

– Down to Bowmont Boxing and that’s where I get my hard rounds in and spar Lucas, Mike Short, Doug Harder, the coaches here and it’s no easy practices. Lots of hard work in here for sure.

– My name is Michael Short. I’ve been involved in boxing since 1980. First as an amateur athlete, then into a professional career and I’ve been involved in boxing ever since in some aspect or one way or another. I’ve done everything and now I’m a promoter and Jesse’s a really welcomed addition at Bowmont. He’s here religiously every Tuesday, Thursday, sometimes Saturday. It’s really good for our guy, Lucas Resbicki to get in with another top pro. Even though it’s a different sport, lots to be learned from being around Jesse. He helped us out at one of my club events that we hosted and my wife and kids were really impressed with him as a gentleman, as a polite, pleasant fellow. Then they saw him on a Hard Knocks event and he came to life and he actually frightened them a little bit. He was a little bit terrifying for them.

– Ah!

– They just couldn’t believe it was the same person. So, he’s got that ability to ramp things up when it’s time to go. MMA has evolved. It used to be just style versus style and now, it’s going into just such an incredible dynamic sport and it’s a complete athlete. They’re bringing a level of athleticism into it that’s just second to none. Some of the acrobatic stuff that they’re doing. So, you have to be well-rounded in everything. Jesse’s got incredible lineage as a grappler, as a wrestler, but that’s not enough on it’s own. He has to be able to punch and let me tell ya, he’s got heavy hands. I’ve even been in with him, ya know, just to fool around spar and ya know, he’s got heavy hands. He hits hard. I think the mental side of sports is the most difficult area to conquer and I think that that’s gonna be, once Jesse conquers that piece and he starts to find himself, the sky’s the limit for that kid, ya know? The way he walks into an arena whether there’s 200 people present or there could be 15,000 present, he livens up the whole place and he just goes into a space that’s unbelievable.

– I’m from Poland. I came to Canada like two and a half years ago. I’ve been doing boxing for like 10 or even 11 years unprofessional. I was boxing them amateur back home in Poland and in Germany. Then, yeah I met Jesse at Bowman Boxing. I’ve known Jesse for like two years. I met him here, he’s a great guy. Great athlete. The way he fights is different than like a regular boxer, right? He’s awkward like he’s showing different angles than like a regular boxer. It’s good sparring for me ’cause it’s like, we beat the crap out of each other, right? We’re trying to. It’s a very good, competitive sparring for sure. He’s a very nice guy, ya know? Actually like all the people I met in martial arts, they’re like the best people ever, like very kind-hearted, right? And very kind, very polite. Very helpful. The most beautiful thing about our friendship is that here in the ring, like we’re trying to actually like score the hardest punch we can actually score, right? We’re trying to hurt each other but, at the end of the sparring, we shake hands, we’re smiling, we’re talking, we’re like the best friends.

– Like the first couple rounds, I’m using my jab and I’m good, but when I start into survival mode with him, it’s tough. I’m startin’ to pick up things day by day now. So, I’m improving. Tomorrow, I will be better than today. So, I’m at a point where I’m still learning daily and I’m very thankful for that.

– [Voiceover] Good day, fun day. I’m enjoying the journey. Wasn’t that a great day?

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– Jesse in 30 seconds or less. That’s hard to do ’cause there’s so much about Jesse. But, great guy, good friend, will look out for you, look after you, take care of you, takes care of his family.

– I’m very, very happy to know this guy actually.

– He has energy for both of us.

– He’s appreciative of the people around him. He will bring you along for the ride. Hop on the Big Cat Express ’cause it’s going to the top and every fan that’s on it now would wish they were on it if they didn’t.

– Jesse could be a pretty handsome fellow if he got a hold of a Gillette razor.

– Great performer, I mean, good friend.

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