Hard Knocks Fighting – FAQ

I want to buy tickets to an event?
Tickets are released the day after a previous event; generally a few months prior to the fight. To buy tickets for the upcoming events please go to the Tickets section of Hardknocksfighting.com
Can I buy tickets at the door?
Yes, you can buy tickets at the door. They are 60$, as opposed to $50 onilne. For this reason, we recommend you buy tickets online. You can buy tickets and tables HERE.
Ticketing breakdown:
General admission tickets are open seating. We recommend you arrive at door open, 5:30pm, night of the event to get better seats. Alternatively, you can purchase reserved seating with in General admission OR purchase seats at a V.I.P table. For all ticketing questions or concerns please fill the contact form HERE
Is there food at the events?
Yes, concession style food is available for Reserved/General admission tickets. Hot buffet included with V.I.P table tickets. Cash bar available to both levels of ticketing.
Do you have a hotel sponsor?
Our hotel sponsor is Clarion Hotels. They have provided special rates for our out of town guests. Follow this link to be taken to their website and use their special code for your discount.
How can charities be involved?
We work with a charity for every event. For more information or details on how to get your charity registered for an upcoming event. Please fill the contact form HERE
When do fights start?
We have two tv time slots for our events. Our BeinSport card is our first card and begins at 8:30pm(EST). This first card has a 2-hour time block and then the PPV card begins at 11:00pm(EST) until finished.
What Does The Upcoming Event Schedule Look Like?
Please visit the calendar page for the most up-to-date schedule of events and fight cards on HardKnocksFighting.com
Where can I buy the PPV?
Hard Knocks events are available on every major PPV platform. Please contact your cable provider for details. You can also purchase PPV or previous events from HardKnocksFighting.com website. Click here for PPV, or here if you wish to watch past events.
You have TWO main cards?
Yes. Hard Knocks Fighting does not have an undercard for any event. Instead, we have two main cards. The traditionally dubbed “undercard” is on live tv in the United States courtesy of BeinSports. The second card is our PPV card that can be purchased on all major PPV platforms or our website at Hardknocksfighting.com/ppv.
How do I contact Customer Support for PPV issues?
For PPV concerns: Email info@hardknocksfighting.com with any issues.
For Ticketing concerns: Email Amber@hardknocksfighting.com with any issues.
How Can I Get A Job With Hard Knocks?
We are always looking for outstanding candidates to expand our team. If you think you have what it takes to join our world class team, visit our employment section and submit your resume.
How Do I buy tickets/ppv using my fighters code?
Simply use the code associated with your fighter at the checkout. Please contact your fighter for their unique per-event code.
How do I fight for Hard Knocks?
Click Here to go to our fighter submission page and fill out our form. Once we get your form you will be added to our database for matching of future events.
I am a manager interested in getting my athletes on the next HKFC card. How do I do that?
Please click here and fill out the form. Once we receive the submission our matcher will be in contact.
How do I find a bar or pub showing the event?
Visit Hardknocksfighting.com/bars to find a list of bars and restaurants that are showing the next HKFC event in your area.
Does Hard Knocks have any affiliate gyms?
No, Hard Knocks does not have any affiliate gyms.
How can I submit an issue with closed captioning or ppv viewing?
We need full understanding of the issue to be able to take action. Please be as specific as possible when submitting issues. Helpful information would include:
-Website, application, network or channel you viewed the event
-Description of the problem and approximate time it occurred
-Your specific information(phone and email)
Send to: info@Hardknocksfighting.com