Meet The Fighter – Alexi Argyriou

When Alexi Argyriou was 12 years old, he ran home to his mother one day after school. He had been beaten up by another boy, and was embarrassed. His mom immediately enrolled him at Zuma Martial Arts, where he still trains today.

He started with kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu. He began competing three years later in tournaments. When he was a senior in high school he started wrestling and was ranked fifth in his province in his first season.

Since his first class at 12 years old, Alexi’s life has always involved martial arts. He says his focus is one hundred percent on training and competing, and is only working on a business degree because “it can’t hurt to learn about business and money.” The 22 year old had plenty of naysayers along the way and recalls people constantly telling him to focus on school and pay less attention to training.

“Those people will always be around no matter what you do,” Argyriou said.

He admits, however, that a normal career path has been in the back of his mind from the beginning.

“Growing up I weighed my options. I thought, ‘is this the right path to take?,’ I could’ve gone to school, take the safe route, definitely make my parents a lot happier,” Argyriou said.

But Alexi clearly made the right decision. He has a 4-0 amateur mixed martial arts record. He won his first match via TKO in under two minutes, and he has held title belts in his weight division. Argyriou is currently 2-0 as a professional. He was only 18 when he had his first match, he is now 22 and already can’t find anyone willing to get in the cage with him.

“I’ve been asking for plenty of fights, I’ve been calling people out,” Argyriou said. “Canada’s MMA isn’t too big, I have a great record and word travels fast.”

Oh, and about his nickname.

“My stupid nickname,” Argyriou says with a laugh. “I was in middle school and girls found out ‘Alexi’ rhymes with ‘sexy,’ and it stuck through high school. Then it stuck through my first fight, people thought it was hilarious. I just kept it.”

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