Meet The Fighter – Colton Boxell

Colton Boxell claims he is “the best grappler at 170 amateur for Hard Knocks,” and says he fights simply “for the joy of it”, constantly testing his skills against other fighters to see who comes out on top. Stage fright never gets to this fighter as he steps into the ring, but what worries him sometimes is his performance—however, he goes in level-headed and smart, ready to give his all to the sport he loves!
The passion for MMA Fighting all started when he watched a fight between Tim Sylvia and Randy Couture as the underdog took the fight and was victorious—that’s when he knew he had to join the realm of fighting. “I couldn’t believe a guy that much smaller could possibly win,” he said, and thus started his journey. Although he has several inspirations, he feels dishonest only picking one as his biggest, and even then, he’s been inspired by them and they influence specific aspects of both his life and fighting in different ways.
Boxell doesn’t have any huge dreams when coming to fighting just yet, but of course, fighting in the UFC will always be a goal. “For right now,” he said, “I just want to fight. Being remembered is pretty far down my list of concerns.” However, for anyone wanting to get into the world of MMA, Colton Boxell has a few helpful pointers and smart suggestions. “Be careful with your training. There will always be the pressure to be an animal and go go go, but we are in a dangerous sport, and you have to use your head if you want to be around for a long time. I don’t mean never get hit or never push yourself, but if the signs of your body or mind [are] deteriorating pop up, those needs to be [the] first priority.”
When he isn’t fighting or training, Boxell is playing video games or a more recent hobby he’s picked up, home improvements. “Funny how things change when you find responsibility.” He laughed when mentioning this newfound pastime.
Every day is another adventure, and every fight will have one of two outcomes. While some fighters fight for money and fame, Colton Boxell is one who fights because he loves the sport and it pushes his skills to the limit, and he works hard for it. Win or lose, he brings the heart of the game with him into the cage, and he enjoys every moment.

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