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Lindsay Garbatt is 32 years old and works a full time job at a nuclear plant as part of a nuclear response force outside of Toronto, Ontario. She went to college for policing, and says her current position is her dream job. To be a full time fighter, she says, would be next to impossible.

“You can ask any fighter, it’s the income. We all have to work other jobs,” Garbatt said. “Unless you’re getting full sponsorships, we all have to.”

But it doesn’t phase her. In fact, the 5’3” straw weight barely notices. Garbatt, or “Garbs” as her friends and teammates call her, works tirelessly at her day job and gives 110 percent in training every day. It’s like working two jobs, which would wear down any normal person – but Garbs isn’t normal.

Lindsay tried Karate as a child, and played team sports. She played both basketball and soccer in school and she discovered boxing when she was 20 years old. Lindsay needed something else to compete in and boxing consumed her world, fulfilling her desire to challenge herself individually. Garbatt managed to enter into amateur boxing, then become a professional fighter and rack up an 8-7-2 record, and a super featherweight world title.

“I always wanted to do mixed martial arts,” Garbatt said. “But boxing was going well and I was enjoying it.”

Like her inexhaustible work ethic, her fighting style is also very aggressive. Because of her relentlessness in the boxing ring, she earned herself the nickname “Lethal.”

“I don’t bring ‘Lethal’ to MMA, that was for boxing,” Garbatt said. “But I just loved to fight and loved to brawl.”

After going as far as she thought she could go in boxing, Lindsay started her MMA training. Her relentless desire to succeed kicked in, and after only three years she began fighting professionally. Garbatt trains twice a day, six days per week, like a part time job, and says there are not enough hours in the day. In addition to training, Lindsay works a full 40 hour work week at the nuclear plant, totaling more than 60 hours of work per week.

She says she gets her work ethic from her family, and they don’t even play sports.

“I’m kind of the odd ball, we’re all different, they don’t do sports,” Garbatt said. “My work ethic is from my parents and grandparents. It doesn’t have to be just in sports, I take it into my every day life. I had great role models.”

In addition to going pro in such a short period of time, Garbatt also cut weight to compete at 115 pounds rather than 125 pounds from her boxing days. Lindsay is determined to fight for world titles and make it “to the big show.”

“My long term goal would be to fight the best in the world,” Garbatt said. “One step at a time. I don’t look past the next fight.”

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