Top 10 Self Defense Moves

In your lifetime there was probably at least one situation where you needed to defend yourself or wish you knew how. Perhaps it was in school, or later in life either way if you didn’t know what to do back then you are gonna find these few tips and our shortlisted self defense moves useful. No, we’re not familiarizing you with any advanced martial arts technique now, nor is this meant to bring some finesse to your moves. These are all sneaky and gross moves that will actually work regardless of your attacker size or skill. Most of these fine moves you will NEVER see in any martial arts event or competition. But if you ever witnessed a bar fight you may recognize a few. You may even find some of these funny, but one thing’s sure – they are effective.

Kick in the groin

I know it hurts even thinking about this, even if you’re a woman thinking about kicking someone, I’m sure you’re sympathizing with someone’s imaginary pain right now. And that’s exactly why this is our top self defense move. So if you have one free and working leg – you should be good to pull this one off. Women even tend to develop this as a reflex at the age of 16, they are natural. Of course the action that follows this move is – RUN!

Eye poke

How freaking annoying it is to have your eyelash get into your eye? SO just imagine someone’s finger. And a nail on top of that finger if it’s a human we’re talking about. I’m sure you are starting to realize why this is pretty awesome way to disable someone who got in your face for a short moment and get the advantage to
a) run away because you have no clue what to do next
b) perform our move No. 1 just in case and yep, run away again because this doesn’t make you a black belt

Solar plexus blow

There’s a few ways to do this right. Use your knee, your fist or make a fist and stick out your mid finger knuckle while keeping it curled. Now all you gotta do is hit straight in the torso just beneath the ribs where the stomach starts – as hard as you can. You do this right and this blow will not just make your attacker pull away from the severe pain and bend exposing their neck and head but also leave them breathless as the diaphragm contracts and at the same time pushes the air out of the lungs. This is also a great pressure point and a very common move in ground game is to dig your knee into opponent’s solar plexus pushing your whole weight in while using other leg to balance.


Karate chop

A karate chop is a super effective hand strike where you’d use straight hand and a hard swing to the side of the neck of your attacker. A lot of nerve endings and all the nerves that go to your extremities travel through the neck making it one of the most sensitive areas of the body. You can easily make someone disoriented and they could even briefly lose consciousness giving you enough time to get lost or throw another one of these awesome moves from the list. SO straight firm hand, a good swing and aim to the side.
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Bear hug defense

If you are not familiar with the term, bear hug situation is when the attacker grabs victim from the front or behind around their shoulders, unabling them to use their hands for defence. The only thing you really have to remember to get out of this is – DROP DOWN. Bend the knees and lower yourself down sliding out of that hug. Now those arms may still be around but lowering your center of gravity will make you heavier to hold and loosen that squeeze enough for you to throw an elbow strike aiming anywhere at their head or neck. Whichever part you manage to hit and from whatever angle – it will work because elbow strike is awesome like that and that’s why it’s next on our list.

Ear slap

I know this sounds the dumbest so far (but you just wait for the next one). It does the job. Swing hard enough and slap with hard and open palm. The pressure + the ringing in the ears will give you a moment to figure out your way out of that situation


Elbow strike

An ideal defense strike when your attacker got really close to you (if you are bear hugged for example). Not having enough space to swing and throw a proper punch or kick is not an issue – elbow is your best friend now. There are so many ways to strike with an elbow from the bottom up like an uppercut, sideways in any direction (towards the opposite shoulder or from the opposite shoulder opening from your chest), and even from the back! It’s extremely powerful firstly because the elbow and the forearm and upper arm bones close to the elbow are very strong, thick and very exposed so you are using the toughest part of your arm. Secondly, this strike will hurt you far, far less than the other guy because naturally if someone is that close your upper body is close to theirs making it easy to go for their face or neck. And these areas are much more sensitive giving you the opportunity to aim for the eyes (arcade bone gets easily broken with this strike), nose, side of the neck, back of the neck – you take your pick there’s no really right or wrong.


Go for the nose

Nose is a really good area to target in defense in general. A lighter straight punch in the nose could break it, but harder ones could also knock someone out. And speaking of the nose if you are not in a position to throw a punch or strike with an elbow, say you’re squeezed really closely against your attacker but can still move your hand up just use your palm and strike and push upwards. They will start backing off because it’s uncomfortable, painful and a person will start pulling back but you have to push hard. It will give you a short moment of time to figure out your next move.

Foot stomp

Another great way to give yourself some space if cornered up and disable the attacker for a short bit is to stomp on their foot. If you raise your knee as high as possible, stomp with your heel on the arch of the foot and there’s a good chance the next thing happens is you freeing yourself from a person leaving them with a broken foot. The most important thing though is to try and hit the arch, not the toes. One can still run after you with a broken toe, but not likely with a broken foot, so the chances of getting away are better.

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Kick from the floor

When thrown down to your back do not try to get up if the attacker as already way too close to you but lay down firmly and thrust your hips up kicking them off with both legs as hard as you can. If you are able to kick them in their knees, awesome! Pushing someone’s knees in negative is can break their joints, or if aim higher in the groin area it will give you some necessary space to get back on your feet.. Use the momentum of the kick to come right up – and run!

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Do you know an effective self defence move that didn’t made our top 10? Share it in the comments below!